The Ultimate Crypto Baseball Betting Guide

The sport of baseball did not originate in the USA alone, as many suspect, but almost simultaneously in Japan at the end of the 19th century.

Many players choose baseball because you can bet very well with the large range of “slowbets”, as there are quite a few balanced odds that lead to a 50:50 chance and do not involve too much risk. If you get enough information about the respective teams and their starting pitcher before placing a bet, then you are in good hands with this sport.

The only drawback which is a thorn in the side for many players, but is not really a problem, is the long playing time since a game goes at least over 9 innings and is often played for more than 4 hours. That’s why many people just wait for the results because live betting takes a lot of time.

Pitching Statistics

Pitching statistics to consider include: IP (thrown innings), WHIP (walks plus hits per thrown inning), ERA (average of earned runs) and WARP (wins over the substitute). For more information, read further information about baseball sports bets with BTC.


Besides MLB (Major League Baseball), the Japanese League is also very popular with many players, as some native Americans prefer this league because it is not included in the MLB (injuries, age-related, comeback preparation). Therefore, the quality of the Japanese League is one of the best in the world. Some provider also offer betting with other cryptocurrencies like Monero, for more information visit

Types of bets offered on baseball bets:

Here you will probably find the most balanced odds that face each other and thus the danger for players is lower. But it is even easier because there is no draw in baseball for it extensions are played. The winning odds for the teams are usually kept low because the quality of the teams is very balanced. Very rarely there are times clear favorites and outsiders with a 4 or 5er quota.

Very suitable for players who want to know their result on the same evening or night are the offered winning bets up to the first 5 innings, which differ slightly from the winning bets, as games are usually decided only in the last innings.

  • The classic way to compare football with Over 2.5 is over/under betting on +/-9 runs, for example.
  • Most games offer odds between 1.70 and 2.20 and by obtaining information and regularly following the clubs, this bet is relatively easy to place.

If you want to be very careful with upcoming matches that don’t have a real favourite, we recommend the spread / run line bet, which can be compared to the handicap bet, where usually +1.5 runs or -1.5 runs are offered. These are especially recommended if one of the star pitcher is acting on the one side.

Then there is a high probability that his team will win the game a little more. For special games, even the number of strikeouts is offered for betting for the respective starting pitcher. However, these tips are only recommended for real experts, as they can vary considerably depending on the opponent.

Live Betting

In live betting, the result of the respective pitcher is offered in each start and endinning. Ball & Any Other where Any Other is very common. The ball bets should be kept for the finals as this phase involves more risk and thus the ball chance increases and the odds for this bet will decrease.