Best Bitcoin Brokers – Where To Trade Bitcoin Safely

Which Crypto Brokers Are Reputable And Licensed?

Interest in Bitcoins is growing all the time. But crypto currencies cannot be acquired simply in the next bank branch. We present three popular possibilities, how investors can buy and sell Coins surely.

Bitcoin is probably the most well-known crypto currency of the world and with a market capitalization of several hundred million dollar also long a financial investment to be taken seriously. The special at Bitcoin however is that this is completely decentralized and thus not simply only by a bank is spent and by investors in the branch locally to be acquired can.

A Bitcoin is to be understood as an algorithm that is generated by computer and can also only be traded online. For a long time, Bitcoin and all other crypto-currencies were in a slightly gloomy corner, since the anonymity offered was often used for criminal purposes in the early days. Therefore, the acquisition of Bitcoins was for a long time relatively complicated and always fraught with certain risks.

For some years there are however fortunately also simple and safe methods of acting the new investments: The crypto stock exchanges and brokers. In the meantime, there are even a whole range of providers who make it very easy, fast and secure for private investors to buy Bitcoin. On you will also find detailed instructions on how to buy Bitcoin securely via PayPal on eToro.

In the following we will introduce three very popular providers in more detail.

eToro crypto exchange: Real Bitcoins and Bitcoin CFDs

No.1 Bitcoin broker eToro

eToro may already have gained some notoriety over the last few years, as the provider advertises very aggressively and is also regularly featured on TV with big spots. The site eToro is also one of the absolute pioneers in controlled trade with crypto and has been offering this great opportunity to its customers very successfully for several years now.

However, the company, which was founded in Cyprus in 2006, has its origins in another branch of trading. eToro is still considered the absolute benchmark in copy trading today. It allows inexperienced users to copy a portfolio from an experienced trader and automatically imitate all the trades the trader makes. Trading is completely automated and is especially interesting for beginners.

In the Bitcoin area eToro offers the special feature that investors can also buy the coins via PayPal and receive them immediately. Until now it was quite common to have to wait a few days until a coin was confirmed and transferred. The direct booking offers besides the serious payment options even more security. This way eToro can be recommended to newcomers without any restrictions.

Binance Crypto Exchange: Most secure and popular crypto exchange worldwide

2nd best Bitcoin brokerBinance is one of the world’s largest exchanges when it comes to trading Bitcoin. Although the company was only founded in 2017, it is undisputedly one of the top 3 in crypto trading. Binance enables its users to trade over 100 crypto currencies quickly and securely. The exchange is nevertheless relatively simple in structure and thus also suitable for beginners. A special feature of Binance is that Bitcoins can not only be traded but also stored.

This enables beginners to manage their coins directly in the exchange and thus avoid the risk of loss due to a faulty transaction. Especially at the beginning it is not always easy to keep all information apart. The safe storage directly in the exchange therefore offers a significant simplification.

Furthermore, Bitcoins can be purchased from Binance with a wide variety of payment methods. Besides credit cards, purchases via Paypal are also possible. This also further enhances the feeling of security.

It is not for nothing that Binance is one of the largest stock exchanges worldwide. The provider attaches great importance to simple user interfaces and high transaction security. Therefore, Binance is particularly suitable for beginners to experience a simple and risk-free start in modern investment.

Plus500 CFD Broker: Trade Bitcoin CFDs only

3rd best Bitcoin brokerPlus500 is another popular broker. So far we have only presented them with exchanges for trading Bitcoin. There is however still another variant, how one can trade with Bitcoins and obtain profits. For this then securities must be bought on the appropriate plants. These can be options, futures or CFDs. We would like to take a closer look at the latter today to understand the difference to a conventional purchase and to recognize the possible advantages and disadvantages of this type of investment.

CFDs are so-called Contracts for Difference. These are securities that leverage the trade in an underlying asset. Leverage with a factor of two thus doubles the possible profits, but also impending losses. Thus, when trading CFDs, not the actual value is acquired and traded, but a security based on it.

On the one hand, this has the great advantage that trading is generally very quick and easy and the fees incurred are very limited. In addition, with the right intuition, very high profits can be achieved even with a small capital investment.

However, as always in life there are always things that are not quite so beautiful. And oh CFDs hold partly big risks. As easy and tempting as it may seem at first to trade with levers, it is just as dangerous as soon as the prices start to turn.

Then total losses are not rare. Especially beginners should therefore never trade with CFDs under any circumstances, as this would then only represent uncontrolled gambling. Prices fluctuate and are difficult to predict even for experts. Therefore, trading CFDs is only recommended to very experienced investors. And even then only with very small amounts.